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Authorized Dealer
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What better place to buy equipment
than a place that rents and services it.

In addition to renting proven equipment, we also sell the same "real-world rugged" products. We are authorized dealers for sales and service for most of the products we rent. And we've developed a reputation for being the place where "smart buyers" come for their equipment needs.

Good buys -- not "Good-byes!"

At A to Z Rentals and Sales, a sale doesn't mean "good-bye!" Our value goes beyond the price tag. When you purchase equipment from us you can be sure that we'll be there to help you long after the sale is made.

You also benefit from our "hands-on" experience. We know which of the major brands and manufacturers are consistently dependable and give the best and longest lasting service. And those are the only ones we stock.

There is a difference...and it's big!

What may appear to be a better deal up front can end up hitting you in the rear -- and costing you more in lost time and inefficient repairs.

When you buy equipment from A to Z Rentals and Sales you also get the benefit of expert repair and service. Our factory-authorized technicians are the best in their field and they know the ins and outs of all the equipment we sell. Their "hands on" experience and expertise gives you benefits you won't find at a mass merchandising outlet.

You get Full-Value Full-time.

We'll give you great value from A to Z -- for as long as you own the equipment. So, when you're ready to purchase, talk to us first -- for quality sales, service and value that lasts. It's the smart way to buy.