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Reserve by phone or fax --- and relax.

To make sure you get the equipment you need, you should place your reservation as soon as you can determine when you will need it. You can call us during normal business hours to make a reservation -- or fax in your request. Upon receipt of your request by fax (using the form on this website), we will begin processing your reservation, and then call the phone number(s) you have provided to verify the rental information.

We will reply within 24 hours to faxed forms received from 7:30 a.m. Monday, through 12:00 noon on Friday. Reservations received after 12:00 noon on Friday or Saturday and Sunday will be verified on Monday. If you do not receive verification within this time period, please call us at: 203-696-0800.

If you're in the neighborhood, you can just stop by and make your reservation in person. It's always a pleasure to meet with new and old customers face-to-face.

Click on the link above to get your reservation fax form. Print it out. Fill it in. Fax it in. We'll do the rest.


Rental charges are related to time away from A to Z Rentals & Sales. Some equipment has hour meters. We charge for all time out (Sat., Sun., Holidays).

Our metered equipment charge is based on a 1 day = 8-hour work shift, with an hourly rate charge for hours over the initial 8-hours.

Cancellation must be made at least 48 hours prior to the requested rental date, so that we can make equipment available for others who may request it. In cases of extenuating circumstances and weather, we can make allowances for late cancellation.

Rental rates and availability are subject to change.









GENERAL - We try to achieve a mutually beneficial transaction. No A to Z policy is more important than this objective. Talk to us and ask questions on anything unclear to you. We will try hard to respond to your satisfaction. The information provided here is given only to help explain the many details in a rental business transaction. It does not replace the rental contract in any way. RATES -- Are quoted according to the rental periods indicated below. Not all items are available by the hour. CHARGES ARE CALCULATED BASED ON TIME OUT, NOT TIME USED.


HOURLY: Applies only to some items. There is usually a three or four hour minimum.

DAILY: Usually 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., or 8 machine hours on construction equipment.

OVERNIGHT: Usually 5 P.M. to 8 A.M. on the following day.

24 HOURS: Twenty-four clock hours.

WEEKLY: Seven 24-hour days, or 40 machine hours on construction equipment.

MONTHLY: Twenty-eight 24-hour days.


You will need a valid Driver's License with Photo ID. Otherwise you will need valid identification and an ID photo.


Cash or valid Credit Card as security deposit.


Equipment must be returned clean or a reasonable cleaning charge will be made. In some cases, this charge can be substantial; for example, when paint, concrete, etc., has dried on equipment.


We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover Cards. We also welcome commercial business accounts and will be pleased to set one up for those interested.


You are responsible for all fuel used, as well as for using the proper fuel or electrical current. A to Z pays for oil. Save receipts.


We deliver. Ask about rates and availability.


This is a percentage of the total rental fee. In return for this fee, we will not charge you for accidental damage to the equipment. Damage waiver does not cover theft, mysterious disappearance, abuse or mususe, such as damage to an engine that is run without oil or a motor without proper electrical extension cords. Without damage waiver, your responsibility is for all damage, parts, and labor required to return equipment to safe rentable condition.


If equipment is not working properly or breaks down, telephone use and we will replace or repair it with all deliberate speed. Sometimes you will be asked to return the equipment to us for repair. A to Z is not responsible for your loss of time or material for lack of functioning equipment.


Failure to follow safety instructions may lead to injury or death. Using products for their intended uses and following safety instructions is your responsibility. We provide Users Guides and decals whenever practical. However, we cannot attend to your saftey or the safety of third parties.


















































Rental Periods

We offer a number of different rental periods to accommodate the needs of our customers. Some of our equipment has minimum rental periods of 2, 3, 4, or 8 hours. Overnight rentals run from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. (the start of the next business day). 8-hour rental rates run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 24-hour rental rates run from "out" stamped time. 5 and 7-day rental weeks are available on most equipment. A 4-week rate is equal to 4 consecutive 7-day weeks.

You can also save on extended rental periods. All of our rental items are pre-calculated on a rate scale that can save you money when renting over a longer period of time. One of our rental agents will be happy to quote you a price for an extended rental period.
















Renter Responsibilities

Cleaning: Customers are asked to return equipment in as clean a condition as received. If we have to use a pressure washer or other cleaning method, a cleaning charge will be assessed, depending on the time, cleaning method and subsequent clean-up or our yard or shop.

Diesel Fuels: When renting diesel-fueled equipment, customers are cautioned not to run out of fuel. In the event that this happens, a service charge to purge the injectors will be added to the rental bill.

Engine oil & lubrication: To assure safe, uninterrupted operation of motorized equipment, customers are responsible for maintaining proper oil levels in engines and reservoirs as directed. Check small engines every 2 hours, and check larger engines every 4 hours. On extended rentals, we ask that you maintain lubricants to the "Full" mark.

Gas: All equipment leaves our premises with a partial tank of gas. Actual "in-use" fuel is the responsibility of each customer. Please do not refill equipment before returning it to us. This is a safety precaution in case the equipment should tip in your vehicle.

Lost Equipment: Replacement of lost equipment will be charged for at current list price.

Repair: Do not attempt to repair any equipment yourself or take it to anyone else. We will repair or replace the equipment.

Equipment not working properly must be returned immediately, or no refund allowance or adjustment will be made.

If you rent equipment that does not work properly during an overnight rental you will be given a rain check. No refunds.

Stolen Equipment: Stolen equipment must be reported to the police immediately upon notice. Then call A to Z Rentals & Sales at 203-255-3455. Stolen equipment is the sole responsibility of the rentee.

Tires: Customers are responsible for all flats and tire damage. If you need repairs, please call Desantie Tires at 334-2433 for tire service. All tire repairs are C.O.D..

Unusual Wear / Damage: Customers accept the equipment with any unusual conditions noted. All equipment is inspected upon return.
A charge must be made for damage or unusual wear.