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Properly washing the exterior of a house and preparing it for painting is extremely important. If not done, or done incorrectly, it can lead to a lot of hard work later on.

All exposed surfaces develop a layer of electrolysis dirt film. Most cleaners can't penetrate this file. If the electrolysis film is not removed before painting the house, the paint will not bond to the surface, causing premature chipping of the paint.

Cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3...

1. Most portable pressure washers have a chemical injector hose that goes directly into the container. With the chemical tip on the wand, this will spray out at either a 1-10 ratio or a 1-15 ratio, depending on the machine. This dilution is good for medium-to-heavy dirt on a home. If the dirt is light, the solution may be pre-diluted by half in a bucket.

2. The cleaning solution should be applied from the bottom up. To avoid wasting cleaner, move quickly and evenly applying the washing solution over a section of about 30 running feet at a time. DO NOT LET THE SOLUTION DRY ON THE SURFACE! Change tips to a 15-degree, 20-degree, or 25-degree tip. Now pressure wash from the bottom up. Hold the tip of the wand approximately 18" from the surface. This is the action that "cuts" and cleans. Take your time and spray evenly.

3. Rinse the area from the top down. Make sure the solution is completely and thoroughly rinsed off ALL surfaces, including windows and shrubbery. It will take approximately 1 gallon of solution at full strength to clean a single story, 1500 sq. ft. house.

















Helpful Hints:

1. Spraying: The chemical spray tip will spray cleaner out as a mist, not at pressure. After applying cleaner, the 50-foot hose will contain cleaner. By putting the 15-degree tip on the want, you will get chemical at full pressure for about 8 to 10 seconds. Use this time to apply cleaner to eaves and hard-to-reach areas.

2. Plants: Always spray down shrubs and plants with water before pressure washing your house. This layer of water helps prevent "brown tipping" of plant leaves by incidental cleaner contact.

3. Sprayer Tips: The tip of the wand should be held at 18" from the surface. The 15-degree tip has a smaller fan pattern that "cuts" hard-to-clean surfaces.

4. Spray Patterns: Always apply from bottom up to get a good, even cleaning.. This will eliminate streaking and blotching the surface. Clean from bottom up, otherwise, cleaning from top down will dilute cutting ability as runoff water rinses the cleaner away. Rinse from top down to insure all cleaner is removed.