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Little Wonder blowers are, quite simply, the best-designed blowers in the world.

Not only do you get unmatched leaf-blowing efficiency, Little Wonder blowers are ideal for moving stubborn debris; removing standing water; preparing asphalt for resurfacing; preparing flat roofs for resurfacing, or for any job that requires hurricane-force air.

The patented design directs air output: blowing the leaves where you want, how far you want.
The new Swivel Wheel Kit allows for easy maneuverability without the use of tools.
Patented Split Deflector Swivel Wheel Kit

"Air Power Put to the Test"

We tested the Little Wonder Blower against the competition and it showed that Little Wonder had the "Air Power Advantage".

Test Date: 7/00
Cart Weight: 52 lbs.
Ramp: 12' long, 12 incline
Camera Angle: Fixed


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and complete information on Little Wonder Blowers.

Model Chart
A Size for Every Need  
Product No. 9500 9810 9900 9100
HP 5 8 9 10
Engine Briggs Briggs
Intek I/C
Honda Briggs
Intek I/C
5HP blower is ideal for average sized lawns and residential lots.
The 8HP and 9HP blowers have a slightly larger fan for increased air intake and output. The 8HP is our best selling industrial blower - great for the landscape contractor, as well as the homeowner with lots of deciduous trees.
9HP and 13HP Honda engine offers increased power and the quality of a Honda engine
Our new 10HP model is powered by the Briggs & Stratton OHV Intek I/C engine, offering increased fuel economy and improved engine performance.
Our 10HP and 13HP blowers are the biggest in our line. The housing is larger than the 8HP and 9HP blowers, for maximum air output. The 13HP Honda is the most powerful blower in the Little Wonder line.
Your Little Wonder dealer can help you select the best high-output blower to fit your needs.
Product No. 9050-00-01
Locking Swivel Front Wheel Kit
The optional, easy to install, Swivel Front Wheel Kit is specially designed to let the operator have 360 turning and control. Of course you can easily lock the wheel in a straight direction.
Tips for Choosing the Right Model for You
How many deciduous trees are on the property?

The more trees, the bigger the blower you will need

What are the size of the leaves? Oak vs. Japanese Maple:

Bigger leaves need more powerful blowers

How far do you need to blow the leaves?

Our bigger blowers blow farther, faster. In fact our 8HP blower will outperform most other brands' 11HP blowers!

How hilly is the property?

Our High Output Blowers really show their superiority in tough conditions, where you'll really appreciate the results that come from our superior design. With a Little Wonder Blower you can move more leaves, even uphill, than inferior designs with bigger engines.