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Chipper Safety Tips.
Please print, read and follow.
Inspect the brush chipper.

To ensure safety and optimum performance, the brush chipper should always be inspected before and after use.

First, have an A to Z employee check the tires, safety chains and towing hitch for any defects. He will take you through the start-up procedure; then check the throttle to make sure the engine is running at the correct rpm, inspect the swivel discharge for proper operation, inspect the hydraulic pump and motors for leaks, and inspect the entire unit for loose nuts or bolts.

Always make sure the operator's manual is provided with the unit.

Before towing the unit, inspect the safety hitch to make sure it is closed and pinned to prevent opening on the road. Safety chains should be crossed under the tongue of the chipper and hooked onto the towing vehicle.

Make sure you are able to back up the chipper as well as tow it down the road.

Operating precautions.



Wearing appropriate safety gear is crucial to an operator's safety. Recommended gear includes: Eye protection (safety glasses or helmet with shield); hearing protection, protective clothing (no loose clothing to become entangled in brush); and gloves (no gauntlet type gloves).

There are several basic guidelines for operators to follow when using a brush chipper or shredder:

Do not operate the machine until you have been properly instructed in the machine's operation and fully understand it.

Read the operator's manual before running the chipper.

Read and follow all the safety decals on the machine before operation.

Know the capabilities and limitations of the chipper.

Block tires before operating

Make sure there are no obstructions in the infeed before starting the engine.

Always operate the machine at full-throttle when chipping.

Make sure the discharge is pointed in a safe direction, away from pedestrians and homes, etc.

Do not operate the chipper alone.

Never, for any reason, reach into the infeed area while the chipper is running.

Do not open the chipper hood while the unit is running or while the drum or disk is running.

Do not use your feet or hands to force material into the chipper.

Never smoke or use any type of open flame near the chipper.

If the chipper jams or clogs, return it immediately to A to Z Rentals and Sales.